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Learn how to break the ice, start a conversation and tell a story in Spanish!

Learning Platform​​

Your first step in learning how to SPEAK Spanish, at your own pace.

First Dialogues - Learn how to break the ice and start a conversation

Tell a story - How to use the most useful past tenses in Spanish

Grammar Sheets and Exercises - Challenge yourself and have some fun!


LIVE Lessons with the Teacher

Only by SPEAKING you can take your Spanish higher and higher.

Spanish Conversation Lessons Offer

Spanish Conversation Lesson and One-to-One Lesson - Speak and practice with a Professional Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher

Live Educational Support - If you need some extra explanation..., just ask!

Get access to the clearest and most practical explanations

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"My Spanish was improved a lot"

It was a very enjoyable experience and now I can really speak Spanish fluently. The course looks great and you can make great progress from the first steps. Thank you!

Linda Meier

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COMPLETE Online Spanish Courses

Learning Platform + Real Teacher to learn and SPEAK Spanish from your first Spanish lesson.

Practical, Fun & Complete - LIFETIME ACCESS -

All-inclusive in one single course:
Learning Platform: Basic > Advanced

100+ Spanish Lessons, Smart Quizzes, Exercises & Summary Tests

Spanish Grammar Sheets
Downloadable Grammar Sheets

EVERYTHING, from basic to advanced

BlaBlaWebinars (Spanish Conversation)

with a PROFESSIONAL native Spanish-Speaker teacher

Spanish Graded Readings
Graded Readings &
Reading Comprehension Exercises
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 One-to-One Spanish Lessons  (optional)

with a PROFESSIONAL native Spanish-Speaker teacher

Spanish Language Certificate
Advanced Level Certificate

Quizzes & Tests PASSED

Finally, an Online Spanish Course that shows you exactly how to learn and SPEAK Spanish fast, step by step.

  • Even if... you've studied Spanish in the past with no results or without being able to speak fluently

  • Even if... you are new to Spanish learning

  • Even if... you are overwhelmed with no idea where to start

  • Even if... you've thought to yourself "learning languages doesn't work for me"

¡Hola, yo soy Claudio!

Your new Professional Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher, with more than 15 YEARS of TEACHING EXPERIENCE.

This course will accompany you, lesson after lesson, to discover a language that is already part of you and now you do not completely master. By following it:

  • You will learn how to SPEAK and fully express yourself in Spanish.

  • You will feel completely confident when interacting and speaking with other people in Spanish.

  • You will understand everything and you will be able to handle any situation.

Get started today, learn and put it all into practice: after that, you will not be able to see the world as before. You'll have learned a new beautiful language!

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Easy to assimilate
  • +100 highly clear, practical, and complete Spanish Lessons. From basic to advanced in one single course.


  • Smart Quizzes, Graded Readings, Exercises and DOWNLOADABLE Grammar & Vocabulary Sheets.

  • Summary tests to monitor your progress.

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Fun and Fast!

Enjoy the best learning experience with an intuitive and functional interface that meets your expectations.

Designed to keep your attention and motivation high, and to help you boost your skills in an easy, fast, and fluid way.

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Always in touch
  • Live Educational Support

  • BlaBlaWebinars (Conversation)

  • One-to-One Spanish Lessons

You will have the Spanish teacher always close to you!

You will be able to SPEAK, personalize your course, and solve your doubts. Anytime.

We've created the best Spanish lessons, we've organized them by functional categories and we've prepared for you an online Spanish courses with which you will really SPEAK and learn fast.

Spanish Lessons (One-to-One)

  • With the Spanish Lessons Online you can customize your Spanish Course, you can prepare for a specific exam or for a job interview or presentation.

  • You can improve your conversation level and focus on a specific goal.

  • You'll find them already included in one of our Complete Spanish Courses or you can buy them separately.

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BlaBlaWebinars (Spanish Conversation Lessons)

  • Here you can socialize and practice with the teacher and other people who share your Spanish level and interests.

  • You can learn how to speak Spanish in real-life situations and you'll have a lot of fun!

  • You'll find them already included in two of our Complete Spanish Courses or you can buy them separately.

Get easy access to all content, learn at your own pace and practice with a Professional Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher.

Easy start

Learn, practice, speak and take your Spanish higher and higher by choosing the Spanish Course that suits you best: EXPRESS Total, PREMIUM & PREMIUM +Plus

Smooth, Fast and Complete Experience

Use your time with the teacher to remove any doubts, to speak in Spanish and to focus on what is important to YOU.

Concrete and Functional Results, forever...

Once enrolled, you'll have lifetime access to our complete learning platform (without renewals or subscriptions). From BASIC to ADVANCE in one single course.

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"If you want to learn Spanish fast, Elayaa.com is the place where you need to be".

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Beautiful. Engaging. Complete.

Here are answers to your top questions


How exactly do these online Spanish courses work?
Once enrolled, you will access immediately the Learning Platform with:
  • More than 100 Spanish Lessons - From ZERO to HERO -

  • Grammar Sheets

  • Exercises

  • Graded Readings and various activities

  • Plus... the Live Educational Support at your disposal with a Professional Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher

You will also get access to your live lessons with the teacher:
  • From your personal account, you'll be able to book your Spanish Conversation Lessons and your One-to-One Spanish Lessons (both in a videoconference on Zoom with our Professional Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher)

In this way, you can:
  1. Use the Spanish Lessons (video) and the activities on the Learning Platform to learn the Spanish language

  2. Use the Blablawebinars and the One-to-One Spanish Lessons to practice your Spanish, solve your doubts, and personalize your course by focusing on the content you are really interested in: 

- Exam or Language Certification Training

- Job interviews in which you could need to master the Spanish language

- Conversation & Travelling (holidays or business trips)

- Any other subject or learning purpose you may have

And…, you can access the learning platform and your live Spanish lessons from all your devices: PC/Mac, Smartphone and Tablet

How do One-to-One Spanish Lessons work?

The One-to-One Spanish Lessons are designed to give you the opportunity to customize your online Spanish course focusing on a topic particularly useful for YOU.


During these Spanish lessons, you will be able to talk even more than in Blablawebinars and to take away all doubts you may have, without sharing YOUR time and the teacher’s attention with any other person.


Each lesson is all - and only - for YOU.

Do Spanish lessons in the Complete Course have a specific DAY and TIME?
  • You can book your Blablawebinars (Spanish Conversation Lessons) whenever you want, within the offer of days and times proposed on our website. Normally there are at least two Blablawebinars available per day, from Monday to Friday.​

  • You can book your One-to-One Spanish Lessons the day you want, at the time you want, within the Teacher’s time availability, from Monday to Saturday.

  • You can access the Spanish Lessons (video) and all the activities on the Learning Platform 24 hours a day, every day, forever.

And because you have lifetime access to all the Spanish course materials, you can go at your own pace (or revisit the course – and the updates – anytime).

Can I buy extra lessons in addition to those I find already included in the COMPLETE Course?

Yes, with your enrolment in the COMPLETE Online Spanish Course you will receive a Coupon Code with a 10% discount valid forever. If you want to and if you really need it, you can buy from a single Spanish lesson to packs of 5 or 10 Spanish lessons as often as you want.


You can buy your EXTRA Spanish lessons (One-to-One and Conversation Lessons) directly from the Elayaa.com website. You can participate in your Spanish lessons using your phone, tablet, or PC/Mac.

Can I reschedule a lesson (One-to-One or BlaBlaWebinar) already booked?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your previously booked Spanish lessons 24 hours before each lesson start time.

You can do it any time you want (by yourself), so you won't lose your Spanish lessons in case you change your plans.

If a lesson is about to start within 24 hours, it can NOT be changed to a new time or be canceled.

Why these Online Spanish Courses and not others?
  • Because in addition to the Complete Learning Platform with engaging video lessons, grammar sheets, exercises, and other activities you will also have the opportunity to practice your Spanish with the teacher during the BlaBlaWEBINARs and to focus on YOUR own goals during your One-to-One Spanish Lessons.

  • Because you will use your time in a smart way: Take all the time you need to learn on the learning platform the grammar, the vocabulary, the most useful expressions, etc., and put all this knowledge into practice during your Live Lessons with the teacher. In this way, you will speak and play an active role during the Conversation and One-to-One Spanish Lessons (unlike in a traditional group course, with a teacher/tutor on Skype, or with a common language learning app).

  • Because you will have access to our Learning Platform with more than 100 Video Lessons, Grammar Sheets, Exercises, Graded Readings, etc. All the Video Lessons are full of hands-on content and at the same time short, and engaging.

  • Because you will have LIFETIME access to our Learning Platform: Then you can take your Spanish Lessons, do different learning activities, and enjoy the new content that is published and updated (always new and more advanced and updated Spanish Lessons, Smart Quizzes, Graded Readings, Reading Comprehension Exercises, Summary Tests, Grammar and Vocabulary Sheets, and much more…)

  • Because each Spanish Lesson (video) on the Learning Platform is supported by clear, logical, and summary Grammar and Vocabulary Sheets that you can also DOWNLOAD.

  • Because our video lessons are supported by graphic animations designed to facilitate the learning even of the most challenging topics.

  • Because this is an online Spanish course with a certificate: After completing the entire Spanish course (EXPRESS Total, PREMIUM, or PREMIUM +Plus) you will receive an Advanced Level Certificate.

  • Because Elayaa.com’s online Spanish courses are so engaging and useful that we also would participate in if it was not already our own language :)

What if I decide it’s not for me?

We are so confident that you will love this program that we have a 7-day money-back guarantee.


So, if you don't feel like you're getting your money's worth, send us an e-mail (support@elayaa.com) within 7 days of your sign up and we'll fully refund you.


Customer service is our number one priority. If we can't help you to learn and improve your Spanish, then we don't want your money.


So, get started today and find out by yourself why so many who have learned some Spanish on YouTube, in different apps, or at a traditional language school are saying this program is worth every penny.

How long does it take to go through the COMPLETE Online Spanish Course?

To achieve your goals you have to invest in yourself, and the most precious resource you have in your life is not money…, it's your time!

So..., use it right!


With Elayaa.com you will enroll in a single course - from ZERO to HERO - from absolute beginner to an advanced level, all in one complete course.


You will SPEAK a lot in Spanish, and you will be able to assimilate everything in at least 6 months if you have a really strong focus...


And if you don't want to rush, remember that you will have lifetime access to the Learning Platform and 12 months to book your LIVE Spanish lessons with the teacher…, so you can take your time if you wish.


The most important thing is that you'll have the opportunity to speak Spanish as you learn because only by speaking your Spanish becomes real.

Do you want to learn Spanish fast?

Get started today with the FREE Spanish Lessons or learn more about the COMPLETE Courses.

You will love your learning experience!