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Spanish Course:

  • Lifetime Access, 24/7

↳ From basic to advanced.

  • +100 Video Lessons: Engaging and Clear, Complete and always Fun

  • Smart Quizzes & Summary Tests to monitor your progress

  • Live Learning Support with a Qualified Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher


Live Lessons:

  • BlaBlaWebinars (Conversation) in live video conference:

- 40 min. each

- You choose when to book

  • Qualified Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher

  • Useful for SPEAKING, to remove any doubts, to put all into practice and to meet other people with your same interests


Spanish Lessons: 

  • One-to-One Spanish Lessons in live video conference:

- 60 min. each

- You choose when to book

  • Qualified Native Spanish-Speaker Teacher

  • Useful for SPEAKING and to meet all your needs: General, Academic, Business, Schedule, and Personal Goals & Focus

Do you want your employees to be able to speak and work in Spanish?

Spanish for Business

We believe that every ethical company in the world represents one of the highest ideals of humanity, namely the ability of people to come together to pursue common goals, freely and autonomously.

We believe that Business Spanish Courses Online are really useful to enhance international coordination and to create an ethical and friendly global economic system.

Global Training

  • Strengthen the operation of your international business by offering a global training standard to your staff, wherever they are. Same opportunities, same goals to achieve.

An Interconnected Future /now/

  • Effectively coordinate international action plans, empower your employees to interact with their colleagues anywhere and offer your products and services worldwide.

If we want, we can.

  • The human will works miracles in whatever direction it is directed..., provided that what we do makes us happy. Get to the heart of employees and customers by speaking in their own language, and the results will be wonderful!


Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

We believe that access to a global, interconnected, state-of-the-art healthcare system should be among the most important rights of every human being.


We believe that online Spanish courses are necessary to facilitate communication, global scientific research, and the establishment of a healthcare system that is increasingly holistic and free of economic interests.

More health, fewer cultural borders

  • Communicate more effectively with your Spanish-speaking patients, connect with them from a human perspective, and cross any cultural border with your professionalism.

When every second counts

  • Effectively coordinate international health emergency response plans and assist local victims in one or more common languages.

Training is everything

  • Put yourself in the best possible position to profitably attend specialized courses and seminars anywhere in the world. Excellence is a human condition and has no flags.

Do you want to connect faster with your Spanish-speaking patients?
Do you want to see your students more motivated and happy when studying Spanish?

Spanish for High Schools & Universities

We think that education is the basis of international society, evolved from a human point of view and respectful of the environment.

We believe that online Spanish courses are necessary to encourage communication, mutual respect, and the cultural and human enrichment of all of us.

More motivation

  • Increase your student's motivation by offering complimentary support through

More opportunities

  • Complete your High School's/University's course offerings quickly, easily, and engagingly with our personalized online Spanish courses.

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