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2 Units of the Complete Course?

  • With just 2 units you will learn: to talk about yourself, to make a great first impression, and to use the main verbs in a practical and fast way!

What You Will Learn

  How to introduce yourself informally and formally

  The Spanish alphabet and ALL the pronunciation rules

 Speaking about the origin of people, countries, and nationalities

 How to use the verb SER (to be) and to describe everything that can change over time, and everything that has permanent characteristics

 How to introduce other people and what to say when somebody else introduces us

 How to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in different contexts

 How numbers work in Spanish and how to use the verb TENER (to have)

 How to talk about your work and profession in different contexts

 Expressions for everyday life and the correct use of the most used prepositions

 How to describe your everyday life and the main actions you usually do


 How to use the simple present and create concrete sentences (using both regular and irregular verbs)


 How to describe your week, telling what you do and where you normally go


 How to express the obligation to do something with the verb TENER (to have)

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  • With this deadline, you will be sure to concretely learn and put everything into practice with the teacher in 30 days or less (it depends on you!)


Downloadable Spanish Grammar Sheets

Downloadable Grammar Sheets

 + Smart Quizzes and Summary Tests

Spanish Graded Readings


Spanish Conversation Lessons Included

2 BlaBlaWEBINARS (Conversation)

↳ 40 min. each

SPEAK and solve any doubt with a Professional Native-Spanish Speaker Teacher.

✔  You choose when to book!

Graded Readings

with Reading Comprehension Exercises


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CURIOUS Package Deal

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