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PREMIUM and PREMIUM +Plus students: You have 10 BlaBlaWebinars (40 min. each) already included with your Complete Course. Log in to book your lessons.

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During our lessons, I'll speak to you in Spanish (it's the best for YOU!)

But..., don't be afraid. If you want it or if you need it, we can fluently talk in:



 French (basic)

¡Hola, yo soy Claudio!

Your new Professional Native-Spanish Speaker Teacher, with more than 15 YEARS of TEACHING EXPERIENCE:

  • In my teaching experience, I've worked with several companies such as Google, eBay, PayPal, and many others...

  • I've helped hundreds of young and adult students to achieve their goals (in both work and everyday life)

  • I've been an Official Examiner for a recognized International Spanish Language Certification, and I've trained several University and High School students to pass their Spanish language exams

  • I've traveled, worked, and lived in several countries, and I know how important is to learn a new language fast, and to feel that you can deeply interact with others, wherever you are

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Only by speaking your Spanish becomes REAL

  • During your Spanish Conversation Lessons you can:

- Speak, put everything into practice and solve any doubt

- Become FLUENT in Spanish while having fun

- Meet other people interested in learning Spanish :)

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Answers to your top questions


How exactly does the booking process work?

Easy and fast. From your account, choose the level and the day and time you want, and book your Spanish conversation lessons online. You will receive an email with a link that takes you directly to the virtual classroom (ZOOM).

At the time of your scheduled BlaBlaWebinar press that link and wait for your teacher to arrive. Then..., enjoy your lesson and speak Spanish a lot! :)

How do Spanish Conversation Lessons work?

BlaBlaWebinars (Spanish Conversation Lessons) are designed to give you the opportunity to become FLUENT in Spanish, by focusing on conversation.


During these Spanish conversation lessons, you will SPEAK Spanish with the teacher and with other students interested in learning Spanish as you. In this way, speaking Spanish with other people (and not only with your teacher) will become natural to you.

You can use your BlaBlaWebinars to put into practice everything you are already learning on the Learning Platform and solve any doubt you may have about the Spanish language and its application in real life.

Do BlaBlaWebinars have a specific DAY and TIME?

You can book your Blablawebinars (Spanish Conversation Lessons) whenever you want, within the offer of days and times proposed on our website. Normally there are at least 4 Blablawebinars available per day, from Monday to Friday.​

Can I buy extra lessons in addition to those I find already included in the Complete Course?

Yes, with your enrolment in the COMPLETE Online Spanish Course you will receive a Coupon Code with a 10% discount valid forever. If you want to and if you really need it, you can buy from a single Spanish conversation lesson to packs of 5 or 10 Spanish lessons as often as you want.


You can buy your EXTRA Spanish Conversation lessons directly from the website and you can participate using your phone, tablet, or PC/Mac.

Check this page: Package Deals

Can I reschedule a BlaBlaWebinar already booked?

Yes, you can reschedule or cancel your previously booked Spanish conversation lessons 24 hours before each lesson start time.

You can do it any time you want (by yourself), so you won't lose your Spanish conversation lessons in case you change your plans.

If a lesson is about to start within 24 hours, it can NOT be changed to a new time or be canceled.

What happens if I don’t show up, or if I'm not polite?

  • If - for any reason - you are not present at your already booked Spanish Conversation Lesson, this lesson is to be considered LOST.

  • If - for any reason - you are late, the minutes elapsed between the scheduled time for the start of the BlaBlaWebinar and the time of your show up are to be considered LOST. The teacher is not required to continue the lesson beyond the official end time.

  • If - for any reason - you are not polite during a Lesson, the teacher can interrupt your participation at any time. This lesson will be considered LOST for you.

  • The Spanish conversation lessons you missed, in whole or part, are not subject to any kind of refund, in any case, and for no reason.

  • This is necessary to offer you a better and well-organized service! We hope you can understand. Enjoy your conversation lessons ;)

How many Spanish conversation lessons can I book?

You can book as many Spanish conversation lessons as you want!


If you are enrolled in PREMIUM or PREMIUM +Plus, you already have 10 BlaBlaWebinars included. The perfect balance is to book a BlaBlaWebinar each time you complete 1 or 2 Units on the Learning Platform.

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